Some our services include the following:  General Handyman Services - We specialize in the small jobs that the large remodeling companies do not want to touch! 

Woodworking repairs (basic carpentry) - interior and exterior repairs, install towel rods, curtain rods, shower grab-bars, replace vanity tops, mount bookcases to wall, assemble prefab bookcases/furniture, etc. 

Plumbing  - install/repair faucets, shower heads & toilets etc. 

Basic Electric - repair/replace outlets and switches, replace ceiling lights with paddle fans, change styles of ceiling or wall lights etc.

Painting (interior) - stain/paint trim, prime, patch and paint walls - (exterior) - porch railings, entrance doors, garage doors stain/paint.  We do NOT do house painting as this is a one man operation.

 We do not provide grass or snow removal services, or yard work.   

We do not provide apartment cleaning or trash haul-out services, or transport furniture.

No Roofing Services Provided. Gutter Cleaning Service: Available depending on height of building. 

Honey Bee Removal Services - we are beekeepers.

We are Licensed in PA [HIC:PA017262] and insured for your protection. 

Cold Weather Tip:

 Cold Weather Tip: For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures: mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid and 1 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a half-gallon of hot/warm water and pour over steps and sidewalks.  They will not re-freeze.