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Customer's Testimonials:

"Jim has eased the strain of getting the little things done that keep mounting up as we are no longer able to do them.  He is prompt and efficient and does good work. We will be calling him back." K, Washington, PA

Thank you for the great work,  You are trustworthy and do a quality job for a very reasonable price.  If I ever need a handyman again -- and I'm sure I will--you get the job."  Consider me a very satisfied customer.  AD, South Fayette, PA

"We are preparing our home to sell and have been so pleased with Jim's work we keep calling him back to work on another project."   Venetia, PA

"Jim is prompt and reliable and his work is high quality, I keep calling him back."  B, Marianna, PA                                       

"Thanks to Jim's work, the cabinets doors work, the backdoor is not ripping up my electric scooter." TS, Washington, PA

"Great ceramic tile work!  When the job was almost done, I thought it looked like heck.  Jim explained that he was not done with the floor and backsplash and to hold judgement until done.  I am so glad I waited until the job was done!  It is great and the backsplash is the focal point of my kitchen!  Thank you for great work as well as fixing many other things that have been broken."  D, Washington, PA

"Having ice water from the refrigerator is so convenient - thanks for the hook-up, Jim." M, Canonsburg, PA 

"Thanks for the good work repairing the woodwork and door frame out back before the Realtor got here." G, Glencannon, Canonsburg, PA 

"A couple of plumbing repairs were done quickly and well, for a reasonable price. I am very happy with this handyman service and will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you too for the useful web site."  LE, Venetia, PA

"Thank you for repairing all the things my sons have broken."  "Thank you for helping us fix things in preparation for our move"  "Jim has been our number 1 man for the past 3 years - sorry we are moving out of the area we would like to have him continue to work for usl"  P, Peters Twp, PA


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